Favorite Christmas Movies

Christmas season is here, and one of the best things about this time of year is the movies. Today, Chasing the Storm interviewed some teachers and students about their favorite Christmas movies.

Science teacher Kevin Lancaster, said that his favorite Christmas movie is “Christmas Vacation”. 

“I love how Clark Griswold is obsessed with having the perfect Christmas and it turns out to be a disaster,” Lancaster said.

Lancaster shared why this movie is one of his favorites.

“I don’t really have a memory related to that movie, but I come from a large family and Christmas was usually hectic.”

Senior Alex Yurtola, shared that they definitely have a favorite Christmas movie, and it’s very nostalgic for them, but at the same time, it is a funny movie to watch, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

“My dad loves Charlie Brown and he was the one who introduced my sibling and me to the Charlie Brown movies,” Yurtola said.

“I have memories of being a little kid sitting with my family in the living room before Christmas, watching the movie while sipping on hot chocolate and begging my parents to let us open our presents early.”

Math teacher Carlise Moreland’s favorite Christmas movie is Elf.

“I always laugh when I watch it, no matter how many times,” she added.

Moreland also added a memory related to that movie.

“I watch that movie with my family each year so it reminds me of that.”

While Odyssey teacher, John Heimann answered that his favorite Christmas movie is Miracle On 34th Street.

Nothing better than Christmas magic,” Heimann added. “It reminds me of when this movie came on TV, along with a few others, Christmas was just around the corner.”

Yurtola said that they like to watch Christmas movies with their little sibling.

“Sometimes, my family and I will watch Christmas movies together, but as my sibling and I have gotten older we don’t do that as much.”

The three teachers all agreed that they like to watch this type of movie with their family.

“When I see a Christmas movie it is always with family. That’s what Christmas is about, being with family,” Heimann said.