In Charge of School for One Day

If you could be in charge of school for one day, what would you do/change?


Katharina Unger

Front of Imagine Prep Surprise

If you could be in charge of school for one day, what would you do or change, regardless of money or  space?

Chasing the Storm conducted an opinion poll and 67 students and teachers participated in it. Some of the answers were surprising.

The most common response was related to dress code with 28 votes because a lot of students said they do not want  to feel controlled about what [they] wear.  

The next most popular response was to change the food to more full meals like pasta. Students suggested making it more healthy, bringing more variety in and to limit the amount of pizza being served. 

Finally, students suggested the times when school begins and ends should change. 

Moreover five people voted for a second story, preferable with the Middle school being downstairs and the High school being upstairs.

The wish for more classes, especially language and music classes, also got five votes.

Right behind, four votes on a no-work-day and a sleeping break.  Students also wished for a  bigger school, to fix architectural problems because it would fix a lot of the special issues we have in the hallways and also provide more space for more electives and extracurricular activities, a vending machine and raising the salaries for teachers  to $10 billion a day to completely and utterly bankrupt the Arizona school system and force sweeping changes that target the archaic and inane practices that still plague the school system as a whole.

Three people suggested a half-work-half-fun-day, and new all-in-one sports field.

A lot of students also suggested changes to the materials and furniture in school to make things more comfortable for learning. Or adding new classes, especially language classes and clubs like marching band or music classes.