Girls volleyball season is over. What’s next?

On Tuesday, Oct. 19, Imagine Prep High School’s Varsity team had their last volleyball game. This concludes the season and the team will not return to play until next year. But what do the players of the team do when the season is over? Chasing the Storm talked to a few players to find out what they do in the offseason. 

The Varsity Volleyball team and Coach Zimmerman after a win (Kelly Ernsberger)

Bella Ernsberger, team captain, and sophomore at Imagine Prep has been playing Volleyball since sixth grade and has been on the varsity team since then. She thinks that the team definitely improved during the season. 

“We started out at the beginning of the season not being able to pass the ball and we’ve come all the way to play long volleys in the games,” Ernsberger said.

Jessica Dominguez, the setter of the team and junior at Imagine Prep, thinks that the team improved a lot too. 

Jessica Dominguez (Junior) in her Volleyball jersey. (Jessica Dominguez)

“I feel like we improved more on being a team, in passing the ball and just like drills in general,” Dominguez said. “And on passes and hits. Our serves improved so much from the beginning of the year.”

Dominguez said she might want to go to the tryouts for the soccer team. 

“I played soccer for seven years,” Dominguez said. “But it would be my first time on the team.”

Ariel Fortune, Senior and co-captain of the volleyball team, will play softball for the school team. Fortune explained that she has played softball her entire life.

Syllia Boyd is a Sophomore at Imagine Prep and was on the volleyball team as well. Boyd isn’t sure yet if she wants to play another sport after volleyball either. 

“Maybe basketball, but I have never been on a basketball team before,” Boyd said. “Or maybe boxing and I haven’t played boxing before.” 

Boyd shared she likes volleyball the best because she really enjoys getting to serve the ball.

Ernsberger wants to play other sports after the season ends too. 

The Varsity Volleyball team during a time out at a home game. (Cassidy Shaffer)

“I also play basketball and softball,” Ernsberger said. “I have played basketball since sixth grade and softball since I was 10.” 

Ernsberger has played basketball and softball for so long, she already knows which positions she prefers. Ernsberger prefers to play post on the basketball team and catcher for the softball team.

Claudia Carreras, an exchange student from Spain and Sophomore at Imagine Prep, played for the first time on a school team but has played for a long time in Spain for a professional team. Carreras doesn’t think that she will play another sport after the end of the season.

Claudia Carreras (sophomore) serving in a home game. (Cassidy Shaffer)

“I will maybe focus on drawing or join another club,” Carreras said.

All of the players enjoyed playing on the volleyball team and made friends on the team during the season. 

“Yeah, everyone. When I got here this was like my first, I guess like, year. After Covid. And yeah, I made friends with everyone I met on the team,” Dominguez said. “Like I got to know them when I tried out for the team because I didn’t know anybody besides one person.” 

Fortune also shared that she found some new friends on the team.

 “Yes, for example, the foreign exchange students. I never talked to Jess yet, I just saw her every other day. So, I made friends here with Eva, Amanie, and Rylie,” Fortune said.