Commotion With The PFizer Vaccine

Since vaccines for COVID-19 have come out there hasn’t been any vaccines for anyone under sixteen years old. It has previously been announced that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for twelve through fifteen year olds. Since twelve through fifteen year olds are minors, parents have to agree for their children to get the vaccine. There is commotion about teens being able to get the Pfizer vaccine. Many parents disapprove and others approve that this vaccine should be given to their teenage children.


What would be the benefits of us teenagers getting the vaccine? First off there’s been claims being made that if teenagers get the vaccine that something that would change for us would be that we won’t have to wear masks at school anymore since we would be protected against COVID-19. I would count this as a benefit because masks have been something that most of us don’t enjoy wearing and I feel like everyone would be much happier if we didn’t have to wear masks. 


The Pfizer vaccine being available for teens shows that it can be evolved even more so that younger children can at some point be able to get a vaccine so that they are protected from COVID-19. 


What are parents’ main worries about their teenagers receiving the Pfizer vaccine? One of the main concerns that most parents have would be the types of reactions that their children will have with this vaccine. If adults get a little sick with the vaccine the concerns of teenagers having a worse reaction to the vaccine gets higher.