New 2021 NHS and NJHS inductees

New year, new inductees! NHS and NJHS have just carefully chosen new members. We want to say a big congratulations to…


Colin Mecca/6th

Logan Patton/6th

Skylar Moffatt/7th

Emily Willkom/8th

Elizabeth Daugherty/8th

Miyah “Sammy” Chavez/9th



Alexander “Sasha” Alfieri/10th

Bretton Baca/10th

Ava Hiniker/11th

Brianna Kraemer/10th

Sean “Alex” Kanehl/12th

Tanaeah Singh/11th

Angelina “Alex” Young/10th

The application process required students to fill out an application, getting recommendations, and submitting an essay. A council of seven to nine faculty members chose the students who have applied. 

High School Personal Development Teacher, Administrative Assistant, School Store Manager, NJHS/NHS Advisor, Gia Lowell, explained how the candidates worked to gain admittance into NJHS and NHS.

Every single one of these candidates has shown themselves as true leaders,” Lowell said. “Stepping up to be a part of an elite scholastic society isn’t an easy task in the best of times, but in this pandemic climate it was a huge task that took great fortitude to complete. These new NJHS and NHS members would not be stopped in their desire for excellence and that should be celebrated.”

Due to Covid-19, the induction ceremony was a question as to how it would be done. This was the first year that they had both in-person and zoom attendees.

“I am so appreciative of the amazing technological services of Mr. Benjamin Andree for making my vision a reality,” Lowell said. “I think this was the first event ever on campus that had in-person and Zoom attendees while being broadcasted live on YouTube all at the same time. With both services being back to back for the first time ever, this night was epic!”

Our school was able to do both in-person and online options for those at risk and still have a great time.

Another big congratulation to all of the selected students!