How My Teachers have Worked through Remote learning


This picture is of me and my teachers, Terri Leach and Kathy Pupo. This is what it looks like when we are doing a zoom meeting.

The teachers I chose to interview were Terri Leach and Kathy Pupo.

The reason I wanted to give them an interview was because they work so hard and I wanted to know how they do it.

My Teacher, Terri Leach, or Mrs. Leach as I call her teaches Economics, Chemistry, Math, and English. Kathy Pupo or, Mrs. Pupo as we also call her comes to our classes to help us do our assignments and turn them in on time.

I love them because they always help us out and ensure that we have our assignments turned in.

Leach explained that teaching during remote learning was a lot of work.

“As a teacher I had to be a student and learn a lot about technology,” Leach said.

Leach said that some of the positives of homeschool are that a lot of the learning is what we have already done. The negative side is not seeing all of her students in person.

Some of the differences from last year to this year according to Leach are the use of technology and video classes.

“Everyone has learned with the use of technology and is showing up on Zoom on time,” Leach said.

During remote learning it is important to make lessons fun for students.

“I use Kahoots Edpuzzles and use of the chat box [on Zoom], and on Fridays we listen to a Friday song and sometimes we will all show our pets for 30 seconds,” Leach said.

Leach uses Kahoot quizzes to help engage her students.

“I think about what I want the Kahoot to be about and will make one or find one to do in class,” Leach said.

Pupo said she helps Mrs. Leach by taking students into breakout rooms and recording sessions and by entering assignments.