New Covid regulations at Imagine Prep Surprise


As you all know there is a global pandemic going on right outside your door. This means there are also some new rules in our school that have been put in place to keep everyone safe during these hard times.

Imagine Prep School Nurse Veronica Padilla and middle school English teacher River Hardy both shared their views of the rules and what they think should be happening in our school to keep everyone safe. They both agree that wearing masks and socially distancing are essential to keeping everyone in the school. Socially distancing is remaining at least six feet away from others at all times.

“Always wash your hands, but that should go without saying,” Padilla said. “Spread the love not the germs.”

Padilla says the point of all these rules is so that you can remain healthy and keep others healthy too.

Padilla pointed out that there are exceptions to the rules though, that if there are health related issues that you may have exceptions to wearing a mask, but you must have a doctor’s note; you can always keep socially distanced.

“The hardest safety rule to follow at school is social distancing,” Hardy said.

She said that because a lot of kids just want to be close to their friends when they can’t.

“The most important safety rule to follow at school is social distancing,” Hardy said.

The reason for that is because it’s important to keep your germs to yourself. She also said that masks are keeping everyone safe. It’s because it keeps all of your germs to yourself. 

The school has implemented hand sanitizing stations throughout the building, arrows in the hallway to indicate direction students should travel, and time in between classes for teachers to wipe down and sanitize desks.

Overall, everyone is staying safe as long as they follow the rules. Especially keep social distance and keep wearing masks so we don’t spread germs to other people. It’s important to keep everyone safe.