Enola Holmes: Movie Critique


Enola Holmes, the new Netflix movie.

Enola Holmes is a movie worth watching to many at Imagine Prep. This hit movie was released Sept. 23 of this year on Netflix and has become quite popular. 

Starring Millie Bobby Brown, well known for her role in Stranger Things, as Enola Holmes and Louis Partridge as Lord Tewksbury, it’s no wonder this movie was so well liked.

“She did a good job playing Enola,” Morgan Griffin, a sophomore at Imagine Prep said. “It really suited her very well. Enola is a strong and smart character just like Brown.” 

Brown also added to the message of gender equality in this movie by just being herself.

“I love to see strong female main characters,” Anna Forysiak, a teacher at Imagine said. 

“The theme didn’t seem forced and it was well presented,” Griffin said. “It wasn’t in your face like some movies are.”

This movie has been very well done. The characters have a lot of depth and humor. Each actor played their role perfectly, making the characters come alive. 

“I really liked the characters and the plot,” Griffin said. “It was engaging during the entire movie. A very interesting mystery. It was very cool how nice the sets were.”

Not everything was flawless, however. A few minor mistakes could be found in this film.

Griffin explained it was a little weird when Enola addressed the camera directly.

Though not without fault, it is still greatly recommended that this movie is enjoyed by students and teachers.

“It was a great mix of adventure, comedy, and serious lessons,” Forysiak said. “I like it a lot!”

This mysterious movie is about main character: Enola Holmes, sister to Mycroft and the famous Sherlock Holmes. Her two brothers left the home long ago to pursue illustrious careers, leaving her alone with their unique mother. 

Her mother vanishes inexplicably, and Enola must find her. Her search for her parent finds Enola with new friends, enemies, and a secret that gets more complicated by the minute. Sound intriguing? 

“Overall, I really enjoyed the movie,” Forysiak said. “I thought there were many relevant important messages told through the story.”

On the whole I believe this movie deserves a 4.5 out of 5! Students and teachers alike will tell you that this movie is a good pick if you relish a thrilling film!