Middle/High school perspective of online learning

As we all know Covid-19 canceled many things, one of those things being school, but we still need to finish the school year off so the decision was made to switch to online learning. Teachers use Google Classroom to compile all of the work and students are able to attend office hours via Zoom. 

Since many students are new to this type of learning, is it a good change, or a bad change.

“So far my thoughts on online learning is that it is kind of easy and fun, I like how I can do the school work at my own time. But it is also challenging,” Freshman Cassidy Shaffer said. 

“Online learning is okay, it’s easier to do work. Something I like is I can take as long as I need to do a worksheet,” eighth grader Mariaya Hunt said.

So far the change to online learning hasn’t been terrible now that students are getting the help they need. 

I am getting help, I just wish some of my teachers would explain somethings better,” Hunt stated. 

Since we switched to remote learning, the school still has to help students. With office hours – via zoom – and emailing teachers questions seem to be providing students with the help they need, but is it as effective as it sounds?

“Something that I don’t like is that I can’t ask any questions right then and there,” Shaffer said. 

Although we can email our questions or ask them via Zoom, that means we have to wait until the teacher responds back or has office hours. While in the classroom you could ask a question and get feedback right away. 

Overall, students at Imagine Prep are viewing remote, online learning as a good thing; although most students prefer regular school. During this time, our only solution is learning online which is the best under these circumstances.