A Week to Remember


Homecoming night is the night where you dress up, bring a date or go out with some amazing friends and get to a fancy dinner or meet up at Uptown Alley for some chicken tenders, sliders, chips and dip, along with cookies and brownies galore. They supplied food for the whole school and staff members along with including guest. With all the bright lights, dance floor, arcade games, and teenagers going crazy for the night of their life. Excellent food and drinks were provided among students from behind the counter, along with sweets to fill up on after.

 Junior Riley Hobbs, elected homecoming 2019 princess said her favorite part of homecoming was spending time with her friends.

“My favorite part of homecoming this year was dancing with all my friends and winning princess,” Hobbs said.

The amazing DJ we had at the homecoming dance had some pretty great beats to drop while we were dancing among the students. Senior Zachary Karnitz, 2019 Homecoming King said he wished there were some changes in the music that was played.

“I would’ve changed some of the music playing throughout the night because there weren’t a lot of songs to dance to,” Karnitz said. 

I believe that maybe some of the music wasn’t as exciting for everyone, but even when it wasn’t a song to dance too people seemed to manage to have the time of their lives. The scenery of the night was a breathtaking sight to see.

On Friday, Oct. 25, we had a great morning beginning with the assembly. There were fun games and a morning full of embarrassment, but the students didn’t seem to be offended by it.

 Later around, 10:15 am we had an amazing parade including Homecoming court, football, cheer, basketball, student council, and more throwing out candy and cheering on our floats. 

Early on that evening the boys football team had a game at the Glendale Youth Sports Complex competing scoring a 14-16 with our boys sadly losing.

Senior Carlie Cortes, 2019 homecoming queen said everything was great along with a great week.

“My homecoming was amazing, the assembly, parade and game were so fun! I felt like nothing was missing. It was just wholesome and definitely something memorable,” Cortes said.

Thanks to a great night for homecoming, the assembly, parade, and football game all in one week! Nothing like years before! One week to remember!