Thanksgiving is…

Thanksgiving is the delicious smell of the turkey mixed with mashed potatoes, Thanksgiving is the incredible taste of the traditional, but never old, pumpkin pie, but first of all, Thanksgiving is the warm atmosphere of family gathered in the same room for a moment of joy and serenity.

Thanksgiving is seen by many American’s as one of their favorite holidays, and the perfect time to give thanks and spend time with loved ones.

“Thanksgiving is just the time for all of my family to come together as one, make a bunch of food and have a good time chilling and chatting about everything,” this is the definition of Thanksgiving for senior Madie Keeton who said that Thanksgiving is one of her favorite days of the year.

Every family has a different kind of tradition, traditions that every year keep them all together during this special day.

“I love waking up the Thanksgiving Day with the smell of our special pumpkin pie,” senior Camryn Bates said. “It reminds me of my grandma and her special recipes that she used to cook every Thanksgiving.” 

Thanksgiving is a perfect way to honor every kind of family tradition and be thankful for everything and everyone in your life.

A lot of families like hanging out and cooking the family recipes together like the unique “Bates macaroni”, or as we say in Italy, maccheroni, that Bates’ family usually cooks every year with a special and secret recipe.

After the big meal is time to play! 

“We play a Turkey ball, is like a flag football game against each other,” Stacia Gunderson, the photography and yearbook teacher at the Imagine Prep Surprise said. “We play every year this is a tradition of ours it’s a lot of fun and probably the best part.”

Or maybe there are other kind of family that like enjoying their time chilling and watching a movie.

“Last year a family friend came over during Thanksgiving and we watched a Christmas movie, it was pretty fun,” Bates said “My brother kept making little comments during the movie and we all laughed all the time.”

Traditions can change, somethings could be different, but the most important thing is to spend this day with people that you love, forget all the problems and enjoy these moments that will stay in your mind forever.