Conflict surrounding the parking lot

Imagine Prep has a problem and that problem is the parking lot. Students who drive are facing issues that involve other people or students parking in these student drivers purchased parking spots. 

Vice Principal Mr. Daniel Hattley had a lot to say about the situation of individuals not parking where they should whether they attend school or not.

“Yes sometimes teachers based on early morning meetings park in student parking not knowing it’s students parking or the landscaping crew parks in them during the morning when they clean because they do not know it is student parking,” Hattley said.

With some of these misunderstandings, it seems as though more clarification on parking spots needs to be present.

Hattley said that there will soon be signs for student and visitor parking spots.

But then there was that thought of what about the people who know where to park but have been told many times not to park in the wrong spots, are there consequences? 

“People are put on a watch list and are given a notice warning with a note so there are no repeat offenders but if there are repeats from the same individuals they will be towed,” Hattley said.

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