Paint The Prep

A solution to Prep’s parking dilemma

Getting your first car is supposed to be an exciting experience, especially when you get to drive to school everyday and brag about it but, it can be difficult to show off your new ride to your friends when you can’t even park in the spot you paid for! Teachers, staff and other students are parking in spots that Imagine Prep student drivers paid $50 to park in. 


 A solution provided by a student driver herself, junior Sienna Sprilong consist of painting their assigned parking spots and putting up signs to tell people where they can or cannot park. 


¨We can paint our spots and customize them ourselves,” Spirlong said. “We can put signs that specify student parking and then we can warn them, we could warn the people that park in our spots to get our of our spot,” Spirlong stated. 


This solution doesn’t have to be too far away. In an interview with our Vice Principal Mr. Daniel Hattely he stated that painting spots could be a possible solution for the Prep student drivers in the near future. 


“Yes, I have considered it,̈ Hattley said. 


Now, us as students need to think about the approval process. To be able to customize the spots, there will be an extra cost when you buy your parking spot in the beginning of the year and there will need to be ground rules set and made before student can start painting. 

“First thing would be an outline then we would do everything at one time, preferably one night, and the student body will have to help come up with rules and expectations,” Hattley said.


This solution can help some of the strain of student parking in the morning. People who didn’t pay for the spots that are parking in them, can prevent our Prep students from getting to class on time in the morning, not to mention it’s not fair. 


¨I paid for that spot with my own money,̈  Spirlong stated. 


Is painting the spots something that the student drivers would want to do? Yes. Painting the spots could raise the school morale and make students excited to have a new project to do. 


“Yeah for sure! It’d be a fun way for everyone to customize the spots to our very own liking,” Spirlong said.


 It would be a school wide event. 


The parking spot issue needs to be fixed. It’s not fair to the students who bought them, so if painting the spots is something we can do next year it would really help the everyday parking issue. 


The solution is not too far away, in fact, Hattley said the painting process could possibly start as soon as second semester, or for the 2020-2021 school year.