Benefits and concerns surrounding IPS’ new math policy

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The new math policy was implemented this year and has many people asking is it really more beneficial, does it reduce assignments and how might it help our math learners.

Many students do not agree with this new policy.

“I liked the idea at first but they executed it is not well done,” Anneliese Gannon, a freshman at Imagine Prep said. 

But is this new policy actually as bad as it may seem?

Shayne Bates, a middle school and high school math teacher gave her opinion on the new math policy. Bates said that the new policy can be more beneficial. 

“It doesn’t put as much stress on the students and it can help to improve the way they learn,” Bates said 

This new policy allows for the students to learn and work at their own pace, without the stress of trying to keep up with the rest of the class. Some students fall behind in class due to the stress of trying to keep up with the pace of the rest of the class. 

Some students not having those extra assignments graded, can remove the undue stress and help them to do better as a student. Having less assignments impacts students differently than when they actually do have assignments. 

 However Bates said some students not having extra assignments can get discouraged by the assessment grades they are seeing.

Bates explained that the students won’t be burdened by those big assignments. They don’t have to feel pressured to get a good grade. They can put all their focus on improving and getting better at the subject that they are learning.

While the new math policy can be very beneficial, some students would argue that making assessments the only factor in your grade can add even more pressure because you have to do good on the test.

This is the first year that the school is incorporating this policy on all grade levels.