Smashburger review


Going to Smashburger is always delightful; their food is just amazing. It’s perfect if you just want a quick burger or a short lunch. They are quick and efficient with their order and timing. Whenever I go there, I usually have my burger within 10-15 minutes, 20 minutes top. They have a somewhat wide variety of burger, chicken, salad, sides, and milkshake options to choose from that can range from many option of different cheeses and bacon burgers to black bean veggie burgers or if not then settle with a chicken salad and refreshing soda. As for the service, the employees I have met when going there are always pleasant, kind, and of course willing to refill your empty stack of pickles. The meat and is fresh and is always filling so chances are,you aren’t going to be hungry afterwards. The price of a classic smash, regular fries, and a fountain drink would be $10.57 before tax. There are not many downsides but if I had to name a few would most likely be how the burgers easily fall apart and that they don’t have many beverage options as of fountain drinks but I suppose that expected for many dine-in places. There are several Smashburgers in Arizona that are located in Peoria, Tempe, Tucson, Avondale, and several more if those aren’t sufficient locations.