Sabrina the series that brought everyone back in the sixties

Everyone was heard of the new TV series called Sabrina on Netflix, a show  that centers around witches.

This adaptation of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” tale is a dark coming-of-age story that traffics in horror and the occult. In the re-imagined origin story, Sabrina Spellman wrestles to reconcile her dual nature, half-witch, half-mortal,while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family, including aunts Hilda and Zelda, and the daylight world humans inhabit. Kiernan Shipka (“Mad Men”) the show that is based on a comic series of the same name.

The protagonist Sabrina played by Kiernan Shipka, is only 19 but has already participated in many successful films like Avatar. Sabrina is a series for kids that make the stories about witches that all of us have heard as children.

The story talks about magic and wrongdoings that have marked the path of Sabrina, half human and half witch, who moves between life as a teenager and the legacy of the family, the Church of Night.

If you like Sabrina Spellman in the Archie Comics by George Gladir, then series is for you.

You can find the series on Netflix.

I this series has something for everyone  as it combines the classic programming from the sixties with today’s modern twist.

You will fall in love with the characters and live the angst that Sabrina tried to figure out which decision was better for her life then and a series that at the same time can teach to change perspective and start to  make the decisions that make you feel good in life without others taking it for you.

Sabrina’s cast