Which is better: the Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics?

The logo for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The logo for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Winter Olympics is an event filled with magnificent athletes from all over the world that takes place once every four years. What is unique about this installment of the Winter Olympics is they are taking place just six months after the Summer Olympics that had to be rescheduled due to Covid-19. Let’s be honest, any Olympic sport would be challenging to the regular person, but imagine doing those sports in snow and freezing temperatures. Talk about a challenge.

Special education teacher Jeremy Weitzel shared that he enjoys watching the Olympics. 

“Yes, I enjoy watching the Olympics. My wife loves watching ice skating so I make time to watch that with her,” Weitzel said.

Weitzel shared that he is looking forward to watching some of the more extreme sports at the Olympics.

“I am looking forward to skiing and snowboarding. It impresses me on how fast the skiers go,” Weitzel said. 

He explains to us his opinion on if he likes the winter or summer Olympics more.

“I can’t pick one over the other, I enjoy watching them both,” Weitzel said. 

Smart Lab teacher James Mould said he enjoys watching the Summer Olympics. 

“Yes, I love watching the Summer Olympics” ,Mould said.

He shared that for the Summer Olympics he enjoys watching basketball, softball and track & field events. For the Winter Olympics he is looking forward to watching curling and ice hockey.

“Basketball, softball, track & field, curling and ice hockey are what I’m most interested in watching,” he said.

Mould shared that he thinks the Summer Olympics are much better than the Winter Olympics.

“No… summer sports are so much better and more interesting to watch and I feel like its more competitive,” Mould said.

World Cultures and Global Perspectives Teacher Bob Bowley shared his thoughts on the Olympics. 

“I think they are both exciting to watch and I enjoy watching both of them,” Bowley said.

He shared what sports he is looking forward to watching. 

“I love watching skiing and ice hockey. Curling is also fun to watch,” Bowley said.