Pregame of the season

Basketball, one of the biggest sports in America. Here at Imagine Prep, we have some amazing basketball players and wonderful coaches. We have junior Taylor Woolsey, junior Tianna Kirk, and coach James Mould. They all shared their experience and love for basketball. 

Junior Taylor Woolsey

Woolsey has played basketball for a while. She shared what she is most excited about during the season.

“One thing I am excited about this season is just being able to support my team in their games since I won’t be able to play in most of them,” Woolsey said.  “I am also just looking forward to having the energy back in the stands since last year no fans were allowed for our games.”

Woolsey shared what her favorite part about basketball is. 

“My favorite part about playing basketball is just being able to get closer and build teamwork skills with my teammates. I like having the opportunity to better myself and push myself to achieve the goals I set for myself athletically.”

Lastly, she shared why she wanted to play basketball in the beginning.

“I wanted to play basketball at first in sixth grade because I just wanted to try something new and get involved but now I play basketball because it is a source of adrenaline for me. It is something I look forward to every school year. I love being a part of the team because it makes me feel proud of myself and what I know I can accomplish. Each new season makes me want to grow more and more every year so that is why I want to play every year.”

Kirk is pretty good on the court, she also loves basketball. Kirk shared what she is most excited about during the season.

“One thing I am excited about this season is just getting the opportunity to support my team and create stronger bonds,” Kirk said.” Due to the fact that I am attending West-Mec, I will not be able to play in most of the games, but I am still excited for the team and what’s to come. I can’t wait to see how it goes this season.” 

Kirk shared her favorite part about basketball.

“My favorite part about playing basketball is the memories that you make and the bonds that you create,” Kirk said.”

I asked her what made her want to play basketball.

“I have always wanted to play basketball but I was too shy to try. Finally last season my friends convinced me to try out, and I did. I wanted to play basketball but I think the encouragement from my friends, family, and coaches made me more excited to play,” Kirk said.”

Mould is one of the coaches of the team, and he said what he is most excited about for the season.

“I am excited to see the true potential of this team, there is a good mix of youth and experience with a family atmosphere,” he said.


He also shared what his favorite part about coaching is.

The entire coaching staff has high hopes for the team and the biggest thing is that the girls have high hopes for each other. We are creating a family atmosphere and we will argue with each other, absolutely, but at the end of the day, It’s us against the world,” Mould said.