2021-2022 Middle School Softball Team


Submitted photo

Middle school softball team after a victory.

This year’s middle school has been practicing hard for this year 2021 softball. The girls and coaches are excited to see improvement and bonding in these girls. 

Avelaka Higuera is an eighth grader attending Imagine Prep this year and is currently a pitcher. 

Higuera shared a recap on how the team is going so far this year. 

“I feel confident, and I definitely also feel like we need to work on a few things. But so far, I am confident in all the girls, and I know that they are going to try their hardest, as I will try my hardest as well, Higuera said.

Higuera shared her excitement she has for the team this year.

“I am excited to learn new things, improve on things, and get to know my fellow teammates. I am also excited to just be out there playing the game I love” Higuera said.

Higuera explained that practices are going well so far even though there is a lot to improve too

“For practice, I feel like everyone is doing well and keeping up. We practice on things that we need to improve on which I think are very important as well as having a ton of help on the field from many different people

Higuera tells us how she thinks the season will end

“I am not too sure of how the season will end but I do know that we will finish the season with our heads held high and encouragement,” Higuera said. “I know that by the end of the season we will be closer, and we will definitely improve not only our softball skills but as a team.” 

Alexis Veillegas is an eighth grader playing on the team this year. She is a catcher.

Veillegas gives a brief recap on how the team is going so far 

“The team is hard working and won’t settle for less, so I feel really good about the team,” Veillegas said.

Veillegas gives her thought on her excitement she has for the team this year 

“I’m excited to see how they all grow and how they all form into an amazing team,” Veillegas said.

The middle school team celebrating after a victory. (Submitted photo)

Veillegas tells us her excitement she has for the team this year 

“Practices are going good, the girls are more than willing to learn and practice new things.” Veillegas said.

Veillegas gives her thought on how the season will end

“The season will end on a good note with all the hard work the girls put in.” Veillegas said. 

Izabel Boroski is a senior this year helping out our middle school softball team. 

Boroski shares how she feels about the team so far?

“I feel very proud of my team, and passionate about it too. I am very excited to see how our season escalates.” Boroski said.

Boroski shares her excitement to see her team grow 

“I’m excited to see my team grow and win some games.” Boroski said.

Boroski tells us how everyone is doing on the team so far 

“Great, everyone is doing amazing in every position and we will do very well at these upcoming games.” Boroski said.

Boroski explains her thoughts on how the season will come to a end

“I believe we will win most of the games, I’m hoping we win a few. In sixth grade our team was known for losing. Even the school doesn’t put as much effort into our sport than the others. No matter how much we try and how many banners we have, we still have to fit just to get a field. However we still are great at softball and I’m very excited to see us play these teams for the next months”