Volleyball update

The  volleyball  season  has  been  interesting  to  say  the  least.  Practices  not  being  guaranteed they  have  gotten  together  on  their  time  to  improve  their  skills.  As  well  as  game   cancellations  and  other  team  seasons  being  canceled ,   it   has  impacted  the  season  due  to  the  limited  number  of  games. 

For  this  volleyball  season,  there are some health and safety protocols the team needs to follow; players  are  not  required  to  wear  masks  during  the games,  but they  have  to  wear  one  upon  entering  the  gym,  to  both  away  and  home  games.  Also, no  one  on  the  volleyball  team  conducted  Covid-19. 

Coach Jamie Zimmerman is in her first year coaching the volleyball team and she explained that this year it was an strange year because of Covid- 19.

“The  volleyball  team  had  to  shorten  the  season  because  of  Covid -19,  and  some  other  teams had  to  cancel  all  their  games  and  practices,” coach Zimmerman said

The  team  has  four  days  of  practice,  they  are  not  very  hard  but  sometimes  they  do  physical practices  that  are  considered  more  hard.  

“Everybody  is  allowed  to  come  to  the  volleyball  games  either  if  it  is  a  home  or  away game,” sophomore  Bella Ernsberger said.

The  players  are  more  comfortable  playing  in  their  own  school  since  it  is  the  place  that  they  practice. 

The  girls  started  the  season  very  well,  and  the  hard  work  is  seen.