It’s All About Senioritis

Camryn’s Thoughts:

Seniors, have you noticed teachers blaming everything you do on your supposed “senioritis” you gained after winter break? Are you as sick of it as I am? Teachers, please understand this, senioritis is not the answer to every problem teachers have with the soon-to-be graduates. 

If you don’t do your homework, or you’re loud in class, anything you do has one possible explanation from your teachers: it’s because you’re graduating and have become a victim of “senioritis.” If you sneeze, the response you get is pretty similar to the one above. 

The definition of senioritis is “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” It is not something every person in the graduating class has. 

Whenever I get an assignment, I do it. I complete it by the deadline and it usually turns out better than I think. But since I don’t care what I write about, or what the assignment is, I have fallen ill with senioritis according to my teachers. They should be glad I don’t put up a fight and actually do my work. 

I haven’t lost my “motivation or performance.”  I stopped caring about whether or not I liked the project or handout from teachers, I just do it. This is NOT because I have senioritis

Juniors, be prepared to have everything you do on this “disease” you get coming back from break. It will continue to follow you all the way through the second semester until graduation day. This year was my turn to experience this, next year is your turn. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming year!

Ginevra’s Thoughts:

Most of the time seniors are given the stereotype of a student who has given up their motivation because they are tired of being a part of the high school world. This is not always the case. 

There are multiple students, that during their last year, want to give their best to be able to be accepted in their dream college, to have a high GPA, or just to end their high school career being satisfied by themselves. It is also true that sometimes senior year can be so stressful and difficult to manage, between work, school life, and personal life. Students can get lost because we are just humans! 

I will graduate in America, but I’m still attending high school in Italy. This is what is going to happen for me after my graduation. 

There are so many differences between the two different schools in the two different countries, but for sure this is the biggest one, that is going to bring me one year far away from the actual start of my life in the “Big people world”.

As a senior I can say that I’m excited to be done with high school and graduate. Sometimes I lose motivation. It happens because it is normal for everyone. It is not because senioritis happened to catch up with you. 

I know that I have to use all of my energy and put all of my effort until graduation so I can be proud of how I ended my American high school career. Yes, I’m talking about American because as I said I’m not actually done. I’m going to have to find some more motivation to help me finish my Italian school while being proud of myself.

I think it is right that senior year has to be unforgettable. So, I agree with some privilege that the school gives to us. We are talking about fun stuff like senior ditch day or the change in dress code that seniors earned last year with their hard work. That is gonna make this year special for every one of us.

But the rest of senior year is hard work. It is the last opportunity that you have to prove yourself before being overwhelmed by the real world. Seniors have to show that we are ready to move on to what comes next in life. We don’t need senioritis excuses in order finish this year in the best way we can.

And as Cam said, good luck juniors! You will have to deal with all of this next!

 See you at graduation, bye!!!