Jaidyn Niccum, Staff Writer

Jaidyn Niccum is a 16 year old sophomore who attends Imagine Prep. She is not at all excited to be in journalism because she absolutely loathes talking to people she doesn't know very well and works under the presumption that she will severely regret anything and everything she does and/or says around/to them. Because she dislikes the general population she has never written a news article or conducted any interviews, therefore she is not in any way, shape, or form looking forward to any part of the journalism process. Don't worry though, Jaidyn doesn't have many bad bones in her body so when she is forced to interview you she won't be rude or condescending. She'll simply be extremely anxious and very unsure of herself. Despite her hatred of the human species as a whole, she does have quite a few things she likes to do, such as reading books and attempting to write fanfiction that no one besides Jaidyn herself will ever get to read. Some quick “fun” facts about Jaidyn are: she has a dog named Skye, her favorite color is pink, her favorite movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas which she has seen about 50 times in her life span thus far, and she has two idiotic brothers of whom are two of the few exceptions to her, "I hate everyone and everything" rule.

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Jaidyn Niccum