Which is better: Salty, Sweet, or Sour


This trilogy of flavors has been a widespread debate for a while now. Each one has its unique tastes, but as well as its own pros and cons. I favor sour more strictly because sour snacks usually have a great flavor alongside the acidic factor. However, it is good to go further into depth with each taste.

Starting with sweet, always a classic. Sweet snacks are great alone but are even better with a salty companion. Most times, you can never go wrong with a chocolate sweet every once in a while; however, sometimes, it can be too much. Similar to chocolate cakes or cupcakes, sometimes eating too much of them can get disgusting quickly. If it is too rich, then it’s just unenjoyable and ruins it for the rest of the snack.

Additionally, salty snacks are always hit or miss. As stated before, they are good on their own but, most times, need a sweet factor to make them even better. Salty snacks like chips

and pretzels are road trip classics. Although some salty snacks can have an overabundance of salt and overall can be disappointing to eat. No one wants to have to run for water after every bite because it was too salty.

And last, sour, which is usually not a part of the primary Sweet vs. Salty debate. Sour candies and snacks are a perfect medium. They have the tangy taste and

kick of salty snacks but the amount of flavor from sweets. Both sides can have too much of one thing, but sour snacks have the perfect ratio between them. However, as usual, there are still cons. Although they usually have the ideal medium, sometimes some bags will have too much sour and have you searching for the closest water fountain. Also, eating too much in one sitting can feel like it’s scraping the roof of your mouth and tongue every time you swallow another candy.

Overall, I will always choose sour over the other possibilities because they have so much flavor while still keeping it exciting with a kick after every bite. They will always be my favorite go-to road trip snack. All you have to do is learn how to pace yourself while eating them. Which one would you choose: Sweet, Sour, or Salty?