A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Review


All three books to the “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” series

“A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” by Holly Jackson, a book about a girl trying to figure out a small town mystery of two teenagers, Andie Bell and Sal Singh. 

It is also the first book of a three book series, each book has a similar concept with the same characters but each main plot or climax is just a bit different but still just as interesting 

The first book to the “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder ” trilogy by Holly Jackson

I finished this book about a week ago but it instantly became one of my favorites. It’s a great read for those who love mystery, suspense and thriller. It offered a great world-building component, and it felt like you really knew the place. I really appreciate the fact they offered a map in the beginning of the book to go back and look at throughout the book. On the map it showed where the majority of the characters lived and how they corresponded together. 

The characters were also really well written and you could easily tell each of their personalities and how they interacted with each other. The character development was also very subtle but effective throughout the book.

The book was incredibly entertaining and interactive, and you felt like you were figuring out the whole investigation on your own. There were many twists and turns during the book and constantly left you questioning your own theories. 

I find it more enjoyable to talk about the events and details about the book to a friend just so you can make up your own theories and both try to come up with your own solution to the mystery. I personally had someone to talk about it with and we would spend hours talking about every outcome, the differences in characters, different plots, and the connections between the world-building.

I definitely suggest this trilogy to anyone who wants to get back into reading from a slumpt, love mystery or love talking to your friends about your own thoughts on the book.