A day for seniors

Monday, April 18, 2022 all the seniors had a senior ditch day for their last year of high school. Senior ditch day is when all of the seniors coordinate a day where they all skip school to do something fun.  They play  amazing activities and games,  many of them spent the senior ditch day in different ways. 

Some of them went to the pool.

“My girlfriend and I went to her pool with a couple of friends, we had pizza and sodas and we had so much fun,” Senior Zander Boyd said. 

“It was so much fun to get to have a senior ditch day, we decided to go to the pool just because we thought it was going to be more relaxing over there,” senior Haley Anderson said.

Many of the seniors made their way to the lake all together as a big group.

“We went to the lake, we drove to Dutch Bros to get some drinks and then we made our way to the lake. It was so much fun, I’m glad we got to have this experience,” Senior Dylan Cox said.

“I think it was fun to have this experience on a Monday, it was kinda funny to go to a lake with no sunscreen on and after almost two hours I realized that I wasn’t wearing sunscreen, so I turned red,” Senior Mason Machado said.

Other people didn’t practice in senior ditch day.

“I didn’t go to senior ditch day, because I thought the school would be funny that day without seniors, also I didn’t have a ride so I couldn’t make my way all the way to the lake,” Senior Antonio Cruz shared.

Overall this was a good experience for all seniors to get a break from the last year of high school. All of them seemed so happy and excited to have the senior ditch day. 

All of them had so much fun, and even though they were not all together, they were doing pretty fun things that everybody enjoyed with friends and family. 

They were grateful welcomed to the teachers that organized their senior ditch day, and being so kind for letting them have this experience.