One Banner Club

Imagine Prep hosts a variety of clubs for students of different interests and backgrounds. Some clubs are related to games and other hobbies such as Art Club. One club, One Banner Club serves as a safe space for students of all identities. They meet in Ms. Pupo’s classroom every Thursday after school. 

Government and Economics teacher, Alexa Pupo, is also the faculty advisor for One Banner. Pupo shared what it’s like to host a club like this in our school.

“I think we all live life through the lens of our own experiences, which is very human, and we tend to make judgments and I think for our community here it’s really important to learn that other people just go through different things,” Pupo said. “The best thing that we can do to create a community for all people is to understand, acknowledge and be compassionate.”

Junior Amaki Hassel a student leader of One Banner shared their favorite part of the club

“My favorite part is all of the club members and that we always have snacks,” Hassel said.

Pupo shared that the club came about late last school year.

“The planning started at the end of last school year by a student who is now graduated but officially the club started at the beginning of this school year. Students wanted to start a gay-straight alliance club to support students in the LGBTQIA+ committee.”

Hassel also shared how they want to expand the club to be more inclusive of other minority groups within our school to create a welcoming environment for all students.