Is Valentine’s day a day to celebrate?

On Feb. 14, the exchange of candy, chocolate, gifts and flowers between couples, friends and family, takes place in the United States and around the world. But do people really think this is a worthwhile day? 

Sophomore Robert Kochuten shared that he likes the holiday because it gives couples a chance to grow and bond with each other.

High school teacher Alexa Pupo always tries to consider that everyone may feel differently about that day. 

“I think it is great to celebrate the way we appreciate and love people every day,” she said. “But I also think it’s important to know that while some people really love Valentine’s Day, for others it may not be their favorite, and some may not celebrate.”

Michelle Gutierrez, another sophomore at Imagine Prep shared that she does think this is an important holiday.  

“It is important because it reminds people that there’s people out there that love them, and it is a day that people can feel loved and special,” Gutierrez said. “I usually hang out with friends, so I guess I will do it this year, even though I still don’t have anything planned yet.”

Pupo shared that she likes to do activities with her son.

“I usually try to spend time with my son, and we pick something fun to do together,” Pupo said. “I always try to do something that is meaningful for my son, just to show him that I love and appreciate him.” 

Another tradition many people are is to watch romantic movies or TV Shows.

I think the most romantic movie I’ve watched is Romeo and Juliet or something like that,” Kochuten said. “I mean it was good! I think everyone likes the movie.” 

Pupo shared she enjoys watching some of the movies from her childhood and teenage years.

“Usually I go back to romantic comedies I enjoy from the 1990s or the early 2000s,” Pupo added.