Do Prep students think New Year’s Resolutions are Important?

New Year’s resolutions are usually made around the end of the year and are made to be kept throughout the new year. Most of the time people forget about them or even sometimes just go with the flow for the year.

Junior Nathan Carrasco shared what his New Year’s resolutions are.

I want to get a job and save up money,” Carrasco said.

Junior Elijah Rud agreed.

“To get a job, to get money to be able to move out at 18,” Rud said.

While junior Jared Chacon shared he wants to hit a fitness goal this year.

“Trying to do at least 200 push-ups a night,” Chacon said.

New Year’s resolutions can be changed or even done differently throughout the year. From when they are first written to where you feel they are completed they could’ve completely changed or even been achieved in a different way than stated.

Rud decided to share whether or not they are worth writing or even having.

“I mean like some people make New Year’s resolutions and they don’t do anything, they don’t follow through,” Rud Said.

Carrasco shared that resolutions are worth having if people follow through.

“I mean yeah, it’s worth it if you actually stick to it,” Carrasco said.

Chacon shared he feels a little more bonded to the idea of a resolution.

“Yeah because it gives you a goal for the year and something to look forward too,” Chacon said.

With some people making them is easy and completing them may be easy as well but at the same time some of them are harder to keep, it could be due to forgetting or even just wanting to do something else.

Chacon shared an opinion about whether they are helpful to you as a person.

“It’ll help you be a better person for next year,” Chacon said.

Rud would like to add his opinion on if they are helpful towards their future self.

“It gives you a starting point or something you can focus on,” Rud said.

Carrasco shared his thoughts on if New Year’s resolutions are helpful toward the future.

“Based on my New Year’s resolution, yeah it’s worth it if the money is saved up,” Carrasco said.

New Year’s resolutions overall are pretty good having them can help you better yourself and keep you going into the new year.