The Importance of Church in Isolation

For some people, school and church are their only outlets for human interaction. Because of Covid, schools shut down, and most churches too. This has left a lot of people feeling alone, isolated, depressed, anxious, etc. There is something different about meeting in person for the church, school, small gatherings. Both in talking with basic human interaction, and the environment of in-person discipleship/ worship. 

Most people will say that the church is not a building, or a requirement to gather in person. I don’t disagree with this. The church is not a building, but the unity of Christ-followers who want to worship and learn more about their faith. And for a lot of people, need to stay safe at home, possibly because they or a family member they live with are at risk if they were to catch Covid. But for those of us who are able, going back to in-person church is so vital (safely of course). 

I believe, if possible as a united community, we need to go back to in-person church. This may mean socially distanced chairs, everyone in masks, hand sanitizer at every corner. But it needs to happen. 

The CDC has given some recommendations for religious organizations to safely be in person. 

“Encourage staff and congregants to maintain good hand hygiene, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds,” CDC says. “Encourage use of masks staff and congregants. Masks are most essential when social distancing is difficult.”

They recommend churches/religious organizations to wear masks, sanitize frequently, and maintain social distancing. 

This past year has left so many people with so much pent up energy and things that they need to get through directly at the feet of Jesus. I can say from personal experience, my church was closed for a few months and I couldn’t stand it. I honestly wasn’t doing well because I was keeping everything inside and not able to literally scream and release it. 

There’s something different about live worship music, feeling the spirit, the beat of the drums in your chest, the amazing things that happen. If you’ve felt this feeling, you know what I’m talking about. It’s something that isn’t the same when you’re at home by yourself. Being in person, with this kind of worship and community is physically, emotionally, and spiritually relieving.

But also the community aspect of this, when we are physically together with other people you look around and just see how lives are being changed.