Top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts and cards


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Junior Karissa Jimenez and her mother share matching heart tattoos on their wrists.

Have you ever wandered up and down the card aisle for what seems like hours, trying to find the right one? Buying gifts for the people we love most can be difficult, am I right? Well If you’re in need of some assistance, please feel free to sit tight and you’ll find at least 10 different idea’s worth your while and your money. 

We can all agree that Valentine’s Day can be kind of tricky for a lot of different reasons. Depending on your perspective about this holiday, your opinion will obviously vary. Most people argue that it’s only about love and romantic relationships but, what if there’s more to it? 

 Although Valentine’s Day does in fact revolve around those beliefs, it doesn’t have too entirely. Valentine’s Day can be whatever we make of it because there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate those we love. See, Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating all of those relationships we have in our lives. Whether you’re single, married or even just a kid trying to have fun while it lasts. 

“I sent my 2-year-old niece “Frozen” socks because she loves Anna and Elsa,” Journalism and Global teacher Michelle Baker said. “She was very happy to open that package!”

Everyone deserves to feel loved, no matter what day of the week it is. Whether it’s in the little things like sending your favorite niece “Frozen” socks or just taking some time out of your day to mail a card to a loved one, both definitely have a significant impact on those around us. 

Whether you celebrate this holiday with some sort of tradition or not, it’s important to love others and feel loved in return. For example, spending uninterrupted quality time with those closest to you is what matters most. 

“The tradition is what matters, it’s a gift we’ve been able to pass on to Hayden and Ellie,” my uncle Andrew Zehm said. “They love and look forward to getting Subway and having a movie night every Valentines Day.”

In times like these it’s incredibly important to express how we feel towards others, whether it’s through verbally expressing that, through physical touch or spending quality time with that person. Even through giving gifts, cards and also, through acts of service. These are all great examples from the book, “The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman,” and how we can use them in self expression. 

If that is their love language then absolutely, some people love to give gifts and or receive gifts. Other people don’t…I think it’s important to know what those people do appreciate,” Biology teacher Sara Camren said.  “Would they rather have words of affirmation, quality time, an act of service? It’s definitely important to understand what is most meaningful to the person you’re giving the gift to and making sure that you get them something that means something to them.”

With the help of some of our fellow teachers from the Prep and some of my family too, I have put together a list of the top 10 most popular and even unique gifts and card ideas below. 

  1. Handmade coupon books, these include coupons and or gift cards to (person’s) favorite places to visit, restaurants, stores, etc. This is an easy way to spoil them with things they love by simply, adding your own personal touch to it.  (ideas for these found on pinterest,
  2. Fresh flowers, whether it’s a full bouquet or a single rose, flowers have continuously proven to be a unique and colorful way of self expression towards that special person in your life. Their many assortments and unique fragrances are sure to lift everyone’s spirits. (usually found at your local stores,
  3. Chocolate, I mean common everyone loves chocolate (except for those of you who don’t, y’all are strange) Chocolate is one of the most popular gifts given on or around Valentines Day because of their deliciousness and extensive variety.  (these can be store bought, prices vary from cheap to expensive depending on the chocolate)
  4. Home cooked meal, it’s a nice surprise for everyone including those taste buds. Home cooked meals are a nice personal touch symbolizing how much time and effort you put into making that especially for that person. Even if you choose to just keep things simple by dropping off that person’s favorite treat, it is definitely worth it.  (ideas for ideal meals and or treats found on pinterest,
  5. Jewelry/watches, both have been proved to be a unique touch of affection, gratitude and even affirmation to those you love and admire. Most jewelry and watches are customizable whether they’re expensive or not. Choosing whether or not to customize these pieces is a way to show you care by making them one of a kind. Or even just purchasing something simple that one would treasure, is worth it.  (usually found at your local stores or at the mall,
  6. Handmade (or not) cards, these are a very simple yet meaningful way to express your affection/affirmation/gratitude to those you love and or admire. These can also be customizable if you choose to hand make them, of course they can also be store bought.  (ideas for these found on pinterest and or can be store bought, these vary depending on the store you go to)
  7. Candy bouquet, (for those of you who don’t like receiving flowers) this is not only a great substitute but, a sweet one too. Choosing all the sweet treats one would enjoy and putting them altogether is a simple way of showing just how much you love and appreciate that person.  (ideas for these found on pinterest,
  8. Coffee mug with inscription, (for all the coffee lovers out there) this is another creative way to express how much you care. These, again, can be customized and also given as a birthday or as a Christmas gift. (found shopping online, on amazon and other market places) 
  9. Mini scrapbooks, these are usually handmade and highlight all those very special memories we share. Depending on the creator’s choice, these include pictures of you and loved ones, fun patterns and designs. Even little captions on the sides that make it irreplaceable. (ideas for these found on pinterest and off of amazon
  10. Reversible octopus plushy, (this one goes out for all our younger generations) this cute plushy is another way of expressing how we feel without the pressure of having to verbally express those feelings. Of course, these are customizable  and come in all different colors and patterns. Depending on what you prefer, the place you’re looking to buy them from or off of, the price varies.   (found shopping online, on amazon and other market places) 

Of course there are billions of other options out there but, the choice is yours. You may think these little decisions are insignificant and even a bit silly but, if it’s on your heart to be generous this season I encourage you all to make it count.