How Much Self Expression is Reasonable to the General Public?

People all across the world have differing and simply unique ways of personally expressing who they sincerely are as a person. Some people show off their sexual orientation and pride with flying colors and flags, bursting with brilliance and support, while others might take part in a few of their utmost favorite and passionate sports and hobbies while still taking the time to focus on other important matters. No matter who you are, where you have been in life, and how you view the space and world around you, you express yourself one way or another. Even the way you take care of your body and what type of clothes you choose to wear are ways of self-expression and can determine how some people view you. To put it bluntly, all these ideas and aspects of self-expression raise a strange yet intriguing question in my little head. How much self-expression is classified as too much, and is there a boundary that you should set for yourself when expressing your interests and personal mindsets to other people? This question sounds awfully mixed, and has a lot of variables that can affect its differing selections of answers, but here is how I would answer this questioning thought. In personal thought and experience, I would say with 100 percent confidence that there are boundaries that should be set when talking about yourself with other people, and that overloading other people with details from your personal life can also lead to becoming detrimental to your relationships with them. In other words, moderation is key when talking about the basics and ideas of self-expression, and the following shall elaborate more on my thoughts about the matter.

Before I address my thoughts on this subtle and unusual question, I firstly want to quickly start with a disclaimer. It is very important to express yourself as a person, whether it be by showing your pride colors or by talking about your favorite hobbies and universes, as long as you are doing it in moderation (the keyword in that sentence is moderation, for your information). Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing, as simple and basic as that sounds. Think about it, though! Let’s say that, hypothetically, you enjoy chocolate, so much that you eat it for every single meal of the day. Sounds harmful and painful to your health, correct? It’s fun and tasty to eat chocolate, but this sugary treat shouldn’t be the only thing you eat, so expose yourself to new flavors and try new foods for a change. That doesn’t mean that you can’t eat chocolate at all, as long as you don’t eat it for every single solitary meal of the day. The same thing goes for self-expression! It’s great to talk about what you love with other people, just remember that other people have things that they are passionate and feel strongly about, too, and that you should also give them a chance to express themselves. Alright, with that out of the way, onto my strange and interestingly blunt interpretations.

To begin, self expression is everywhere around us, no matter where we may look. However, over-expressing and over-elaborating on our ideas and points of view can become harmful to the well being of other people. To us, the people talking and sharing about what we love; we may not notice or think that we are doing anything detrimental to the well being and mindset of other people, but you might be surprised if you take a moment to deeply think about it. Once again, let’s say that hypothetically you are meeting a new person for the very first time. You have no idea who this person is, what their past is like, and what type of opinions and viewpoints they have on certain matters and subjects. You introduce yourselves to each other, and all is peachy keen and well, but then you start to ramble on and start going into more graphic and explicit details about how you grew up and lived your life for the past matter of years. Doing this in the very first occurrence of meeting someone new and unaware of your personality can make that person become or feel awkward, uncomfortable or even a little bit angry since they might want a turn to share their opinions and stories about themselves. Of course, everyone’s reactions to this said hypothetical will and has a great chance of varying, since many people are on a different side of the extroverted and introverted scale, but that given reaction was just a basic example of a reaction I personally know a fair amount of people would have (including myself if I’m being honest here). Nevertheless, it’s good to talk about yourself, but you also have to consider the type of relationships you have with certain varying people. These said relationships can affect the type of conversations and deepness of talks and chats you have with certain people, and it’s imperative to gauge when you should and shouldn’t overshare your emotions and feelings. When meeting someone new, I would advise to save the personal backstories and controversial opinions until you either become close and fair friends with that person or until you form a stronger relationship with each other. Just gauge your choice in words and thoughts and make sure that you are staying reasonable about your actions. Please try to keep in mind that moderation is key when referring to the ways of self expression!

To move on and simply summarize my paradigm on this topic, I just want to simply stress the fact that being expressive and showing off who you are as a person is great and wonderful for your well being and mental state, as long as you are doing so in healthy and reasonable amounts that won’t negatively affect yourself and other people around you. Be sure to keep an open mind when talking to other people, no matter who they are or where they’ve been; they have their stories, and so do you. As a suggestion, try to attempt and peacefully keep in mind who you are talking to and what kind of relationship you have with that person. The strength of the bond you have with someone can certainly impact the courses and topic of your conversations! However, maybe there will come a day that the newer people around you will be lucky enough to hear your adventures and favorite obsessions, and maybe you’ll learn more about those people that live and vibe around you, too.