Dress code: Grey Group Comes out on Top

With the semi-recent return to school for many students, some rules have needed to be altered to better fit the current situation. For example, it is no longer required to use a hall pass when going to the restroom, however, one rule change, (or rather lack there-of) that has people the most interested is Friday dress wear. For those who are unaware, on Fridays students can wear jeans and college or spirit apparel rather than the usual attire. So with students attending two separate groups, it would be expected that each group would get a set day each week where they would be allowed to come to school in Friday-wear. However, this is not the case. Students in the “Red Group” (those who attend school on Mondays and Thursdays), are stuck wearing the usual school uniform of a tucked in polo with a belt, while the “Grey Group” (those who attend school on Tuesdays and Fridays) get to wear Friday-wear once a week. The only solutions to the problem I can think of are to either take Friday-wear away from students entirely or permit students in the Red Group to wear Friday-wear on Thursdays.

Taking Friday-wear away completely does two things, it solves the current problem, but at the same time creates another. Rather than the Red Group students being angry, the Grey Group students are because they’ve just adapted to the new way things are and now things are changing again, so clearly that doesn’t seem like the way to go, if it were to have been done originally, maybe it would have been a viable option, but at this point, I don’t think it’ll work out in the end.

If, however, the Red group was suddenly able to come to school on Thursdays in Friday-wear it would solve the problem completely (at least for now). Students would no longer be stuck in the uncomfortable school uniform, and things overall would feel a lot more equal.

On the other hand, there are a few reasons to leave things the way they are. For one, students only attend school two days a week, so it’s not as if they need to wear jeans and a T-shirt. And two, allowing students to wear Friday-wear on Thursdays now creates a lot of confusion later on when school switches over to full time.

Overall, I can understand why the rule wasn’t changed,  and I doubt it will get the changes we in the Red group so desperately want. So, maybe the real solution to the problem is for the students in the red group to just be less petty.