How has this pandemic affected students with part time or full time jobs?

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s life. Normal task we would do everyday have been put on hold for a while. Many parents have either lost their job or they are forced to work from home, students didn’t get to finish out the year with their friends, and most people only leave the safety of their house for essentials, such as getting groceries or walking their dog. While all this craziness is going on, many people forget about those who do work an essential job.

I, along with many other teens and students are still working for stores, fast food restaurants, and delivery services. I know that for my work and many other places, many procedures have changed. 

Junior, Sienna Spirlong is a student who works at a fast food restaurant. She explained her fast food job has changed due to this pandemic.

“My work now has us wearing gloves and everyone’s hours have been cut,” Spirlong said.

Most places have been closing early due to the Coronavirus which makes it very hard for workers to get enough hours to support themselves or their families. Many adults with children and bills have been let go while us high school students still have work. I personally do need to work to help support my lifestyle, but most students don’t necessarily need to have a steady paying job right now. 

“I don’t need my job, just making money is good. If my job were to shut down it wouldn’t be the end of the world,” Spirlong said.

I know many are concerned about the long term effects of closing down work places. What is going to happen when everything opens? How is this going to economically hurt America? These questions have been on my mind everyday. 

One thing I don’t think people are thinking about is, when everything opens again, how long will it take for those who were let go to get rehired? How long will it take for high school students to get a part time job again? 

“Things seem bleak, however there are signs that the market will come back around and recover,” Autumn Brown, an employee for Edward Jones said. “There are signs already of some market recovery and people are still buying and trading stocks. This is good news because it means people still have faith in our economic system.”

I for one am very nervous and excited to see how the market does once Covid-19 is over.