Best Ways To Give Back

With the climate of the economy and society right now dealing with this global pandemic, there are still people out there with an earnest and genuine heart doing amazing things for their communities.

With this being said, I have done my  homework regarding the activities in which many of us can take part in and aid our community.

In the Phoenix area there are several organizations that are still up and running and helping the people who are going without food and their essential needs such as; Saint Mary’s Food Bank, Desert Mission Food Bank and the Cultural Cup Food Bank, just to name a few.

These organizations are always taking volunteers to help. I believe that with the time that we have we should take advantage of these opportunities, because somebody else out there is experiencing something that we don’t have to. I also believe that we should extend a helping hand to any of our loved ones and offer them any type of help that we possibly can due to the fact that this virus has had detrimental effects on millions of American’s livelihoods.