Class of 2020 opinions on rest of school year

With the end of the school year approaching this has to be a bittersweet moment for seniors . Especially this year’s seniors of the class of 2020 because of the pandemic. Also they did not get the chance to finish their school year normally. 

I have interviewed two seniors on how they feel about this whole situation. Furthermore, I asked what are some things that they have found to keep themselves busy? What are their plans after high school?

The first senior that I interviewed was Alicia Morris .

“ I have been working out and practicing for college cheer and track and field,” Morris said. 

She plans to go to Ottawa University. 

“I do miss school because I like to be around my friends,” Morris explained. 

Lastly, she still feels great about her senior year, even though it is not ending in the typical fashion.

“I feel that senior year was awesome. Even though I missed out on things. I still enjoyed my senior year,” Morris said. 

The second senior that I interviewed was Carleen Johnston.

“I have just been babysitting and helping around the house,”  Johnston said. 

Johnston is still deciding on what school she wants to go to after high school. 

“I do miss school a lot because I get to be around my friends,” Johnston said.

Johnston is excited about graduation and seeing what her new chapter in her life will be . In conclusion, these are two senior opinions on the rest of the school year.