How to Clean Property During this Pandemic

With the world in a pandemic about the Coronavirus, we need to know what to clean and how to clean these things properly so we can prevent anyone else from having the Virus.

According to,  The First thing that we need to know when cleaning our houses is that you need to wear disposable gloves and, when you are finished cleaning you should throw away the gloves never reused at all. If the surface is dirty you should clean it with soap and water or you can use a bleach mixture, Which contains four teaspoons of bleach and three teaspoons of water. Some things that you should focus on when cleaning inside your home are countertops, doorknobs, bathroom, and bedrooms. Furthermore, with things like your electronics,  you could clean them properly by using a disinfecting wipe such as Clorox wipes, and wipe the front first then the back. 

Also, the number of times you should be cleaning your home a week is about twice. The Best Products that you can use is cleaning supplies such as any Clorox products. Such as wipes, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Virasept Cleaner, and just regular bleach. Lastly, Lysol products are good as well for cleaning.  You can find these products in your local Walmart or Target and even Home Depot has these as well. On the opposite side, the worst products to use for cleaning according to Showbiz.Com are  Window Cleaner, and the reason why is that it has a harmful chemical that can affect your kidneys and Liver. A second product is Antibacterial products. Why it’s not good to use those is it creates Drug-resistant superbugs. Last, but not least, Air Fresheners are not good to use either because there is a chemical in them that can cause burns to the skin and also respiratory issues. 

Finally, some ways that you can prevent germs from coming inside your home, washing your hands as soon as you enter your home from work are grocery stores. You should wash them for at least twenty seconds. The second is do not share meals or snacks with other people or the same cup or container. Always have a personal one. Lastly, before entering your home you could remove your clothes and put them into a bag and have a change of clothes either in your Garage or somewhere close to home. In conclusion, these are some ways you can clean your home and how to prevent any more germs from coming inside your home.