Food Truck Extravaganza

I walk in I hear the music coming from the stage, dozens of people sitting, listening and shoveling food into their mouths.

On Jan. 19, 2020 the city of Surprise held their annual food truck event. This event is a great event for everyone. At the event there were approximately 10 food trucks, but there were also plenty of other things to do at this event. For the kids there were bounce houses, hamster ball game, and a basketball game. Also at the event was a live band.

In my opinion I think Surprise should do more events like this one. These events are great for people that want to get out of the house, these events aren’t super hectic either so it’s very relaxing and enjoyable. Many people love to eat and hear live music and at this event you get to do both. Also a great aspect of this event is the variety of food options from lobster to hot wings.

For me, I really enjoyed this event, it gave me a chance to just be outside and just relax. I got to eat carne asada fries and hangout with the people I love. I also played a couple of games. I got a chance to not worry about school, drama or anything else. It was a great stress reliever for me.

This event really is for families. It’s a great chance for families to relax and just be together. Families are able to be surrounded by other families. People are able to get to know others in the community in Surprise and it also makes the Surprise community better as a whole.

In contrast to the hustle and bustle of living near a big city like Phoenix, the Surprise community is a lot more close knit. These events are what make the Surprise community so close knit. Surprise should do more events like this one because it helps the community grow.