Tis’ The Season For Imagine Prep’s Favorite Holiday Songs

It may only seem like the beginning of November but for many, it’s already time to put up the Christmas tree, decorate gingerbread houses, and listen to some holiday tunes. Here are some of Imagine Prep’s favorite holiday songs. 


Riley Wietzel | 9th Grade Student | Mary did you Know 

¨I like what it says,” Wietzel said.


Misabela Sanchez | 6th Grade Student | Jingle Bells 

¨I has a good tune,¨ Sanchez said.

Wesley Hand | 8th Grade Student | Dashing Through the Snow 

¨It is not played as much,¨ Hand said. 


Layna Shaffer | 6th Grade Student | Up On the House-Top 

Shaffer said she likes it because she can play it on the clarinet.

Cassidy Shaffer | 9th Grade Student | Jingle Bells 

¨It really reminds me of Christmas,¨ Shaffer said.