Do you like school lunches?

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You walk into the Bistro and smell the fresh scent of warm food with indistinct conversations from students as you get your lunch.  You pick your lunch and you look down to be a little upset with what you have on your tray. 

Having a school lunch isn’t all that bad, sure some schools have more lunch options like sushi, according to the Dysart District schools interactive menu for Valley Vista.

School lunches are good because maybe the schools are easier on your stomach because they don’t have as much preservatives versus other schools or restaurants. School lunches are also good because they are there for kids who don’t have a lunch they can walk up and buy one. School lunches may not be the greatest thing in the world but you must remember that schools are on a budget and can’t afford expensive ingredients for an entire school year. 

School lunches are not terrible, but also not the best because they may not be the most filling thing in the world and kids still might be hungry. Kids staying hungry isn’t good because the kids that are still hungry may not concentrate as much. Kids that are still hungry after eating a school lunch may want to take a little extra food from home to lunch. If kids don’t eat lunch and can’t concentrate, this may mean lower test scores which also may lead to a failing school. It’s also known that when you eat you get energy which you use to focus.

Kids shouldn’t take school lunches for granted, given the fact that they aren’t the most appetizing thing. They may look weird or and or smell different to certain kids that are picky about what they like, which may lead to them choosing not to eat. They are there for the kids who don’t have a lunch so kids won’t go hungry until they get home. Also you have to remember that if you buy lunch and don’t eat the lunch staff has to pick up your trash and it’s a waste of their time to make food for you to waste it.  If you buy school lunch you should eat it or take lunch from home.