Reforestation Drones Are Changing the World!


According to, a former NASA engineer has created drones that can plant 100,000 trees per day. The drones were designed by the U.K. startup BioCarbonEngineering and are better at planting trees than humans because they’re faster, cheaper, can plant where humans can’t and have higher success/survival rates. The drones use technology to increase the odds of a successful planting rate.

The drones use of technology that makes them very efficient, they start by scanning the terrain to develop  a 3-D area map and the engineering team utilize this map to create a planting pattern. Then, the drones start to drop the seeds in the planting pattern at the correct speed so they can get into the soil. The drones even plant diverse plant species and not just one single plant type in the area. According to, the CEO Lauren Fletcher calls it “industrial-scale reforestation,” which he says may be the only solution for industrial-scale deforestation.

I think this is a great idea and this technique should be used world-wide. Drones are being used for a better purpose than violence or war and instead are being used for environmentalism and rebuilding the earth. In my opinion, every country and de-forested area should start using this idea to rebuild their eco-system.

Fixing the de-forestation problem worldwide is so important because humanity literally relies on trees for oxygen and maintaining the eco-system. According to, trees eliminate air pollution, reduce erosion, improve water quality, provide homes for animals and insects and more. But even though these drones are able to plant 100,000 trees a day, they can be quite expensive.

These reforestation drones seem to be a realistic and helpful solution in rebuilding wildlife and the world´s forests.