Opinion: Imagine Prep’s Hallway Systems

Through all my six years at Imagine Prep, one of the biggest issues I’ve encountered has been the hallway system. With students from all ages in the building, the hallways can get quite chaotic when the bell rings. Both middle school and high school students have their fair share of problems when it comes to hallway etiquette.

Since the hallways are rather narrow, they fill up fast, and get cramped and crowded. This gets especially worse when students decide to stop in the middle of the walkway and talk in a cluster. This obstruction in the center of a busy walkway just makes the chaos worse, and causes more pushing and shoving than there was in the first place.

This issue is primarily seen with the high school students. Though this is an annoying issue, one of the bigger issues seems to be with some of the middle school students. The middle school students are notorious for using the hallways as a race track, and running at top speeds down the hallways where others are trying to walk. This is dangerous for many, I would think for obvious reasons. Personally, I’ve had kids run into me, and I’ve almost tripped on a few too, it’s unsafe for others and themselves.

Though this issue isn’t 100 percent avoidable, as you can’t control how people walk and behave, I believe there are some things we can do as a school is make it less of a problem. Both middle, and high school should be told some hallway etiquette, as to not stop in the middle of the walkway, not to run, and to walk with the direction of traffic. Teachers at Imagine Prep do try to control the madness, but it usually doesn’t end well, with students ignoring these demands.  

As for middle school, I feel like each year when new students arrive, they should be taught these basic standards for hallway behavior. With so many students and so little room, we must work to teach students of all ages how to behave properly in the hallways to avoid dangerous situations and overall chaos.