From Italy to Surprise


Over the years Italian cuisine has been present in many restaurants in Surprise, Where it is easy to pay little and receive Italian quality food? for try to maintain the quality of products made in Italy to bring them on the dishes of all Americans.

A quality Italian restaurant there to Surprise to have the opportunity to taste Italian cuisine are Little Sicily and Oregano’s Pizza Bistro.

There are two very good restaurants in Phoenix being a big city compared to Surprise there is a better chance to find restaurants that are more reminiscent of the culture of Italian cuisine.

The recommended restaurants in Phoenix are Maggiano’s Little Italy and Cucina Tagliani Pasta & Bistro instead.

High school history teacher Alexa Pupo, who has traveled to Italy said there are some places that are easier to find authentic Italian food in the city.

Senior Noah Lugo reiterates that some of these restaurants remind him of more real Italian dishes, as he traveled to Italy with High School Travel Club in 2018. Students visited the most beautiful cities in the country such as Genoa, Milan, Rome and they had the opportunity to taste the best Italian dishes and compare them with those that Italian restaurants offer here in Arizona.

After the experience in Italy Lugo and Pupo confirm that the great difference between what you eat in Italy and the dishes here is the quality of the fresh food that is hard to find here in Surprise. Pupo recommend going to a supermarket called Desoto Central Market in Phoenix to find the real Italian products and have the opportunity to cook real Italian food with the family.

The favorite dishes are pizza and pasta, and in general, are two of the most important dishes of Italian culture.

For a real pizza and for quality Italian products I recommend Blaze Pizza in Peoria instead and I can tell you that it is worth traveling because if you want to eat a pizza that is close to that of Naples, that is the real deal.

In Surprise if I can recommend a place where Italian cuisine is good it would have to be Oregano’s Pizza Bistro because the dishes are not very expensive and there is a good quality.

Overall, the Italian culture in Surprise, is almost like home, but not quite!