It’s the final countdown

The throwing for the caps. The turning of the tassel. It’s every seniors favorite day, GRADUATION! With graduation just around the corner, it is the final countdown for the graduating class of 2018 at Imagine Prep. They have been waiting for this day for the last four years and it is finally here!


With all the craze about graduation some of the seniors might need some words of wisdom from the people that a gotten them to this point; their teachers and faculty members.


First we have James Mould, he has been a teacher at the Prep for the last five years. He teaches Smart Lab at the Prep and here are some words of wisdom for the class of 2018.


Learn the art of grace and use it every day, don’t think that it is below you or that you can’t,” Mould said.


He also has a special message for the seniors that he has taught and coached throughout the years.


“ I can only think to one quote that has influenced me through the years and I want to pass is on,” Mould said.

“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” -Lou Holtz


The next words of advice come from the Imagine Prep principal himself, Chris McComb


“ There is no substitution for hard work and perseverance. Identify your values and goals and work relentlessly towards achieving them,” McComb said.


McComb’s message to the graduating class of 2018 also speaks volumes to the seniors.


“ Class of 2018, thank you for leaving your mark on our school. As alumni, we hope that you will keep in touch. You will always have a home at Imagine Prep Surprise. Good luck, we are so proud of you!” McComb said.


We can’t forget the teacher that has shaped and helped make the seniors grow into the people they are today, Alexa Pupo. Pupo has been teaching at the Prep for nine years. For almost five out of those nine years Pupo has taught the graduating class of 2018. She has seen them grow up and become amazing people and she has some advice for the seniors.


“ My advice for the graduating class is: Ask for help! The world is full of things we don’t know, and sometimes it is really challenging to figure it out. We were not meant to walk through life alone, so lean on your circle and ask them to help and support you; it makes life so much better!” Pupo said.


She also has a very encouraging and special message for her many tassel turners.


“ I just love and am so proud of each and every one of you. These last four years as your teacher have been an absolute privilege; you have grown and become even more kind, thoughtful, and funny than they day I met you all! I am so sad that I won’t get to see your faces every day, but my heart is so full of joy knowing that you are the humans that are about to take on the world. We truly could not be in better hands. I will miss each of you so much, but cannot wait to see the wonderful things you accomplish…it’s time for your next chapter!” Pupo said.


Finally, Benjamin Andree. Andree has been teaching at the Prep for the last six school years. He teaches the media classes. He has taught most the seniors graduating this year. He would like to give some words of wisdom to the graduating class, through a quote that he loves.


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it – Ferris Bueller


He also has a heartfelt message for the graduating class of 2018.


“  I’ve had the honor of seeing most of you blossom from little 7th graders.  You amaze me daily, and I know that you will continue to do so,” Andree said.


To the graduating class of 2018, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! It has been an amazing and difficult learning process for the past four years; but you guys made it through and these teachers and faculty members are so proud of you guys. Graduation, here come the Class of 2018!