Liam McGrew is a 16-year-old sophomore at Imagine Prep. Liam enjoys learning a variety of topics through school and finds a fascination within the concept of improving public speaking/communication, verbally and written, and improving in both math and English to hopefully excel himself towards his desired job in the future. Outside of school, Liam finds himself playing instruments, having a fascination with the art of storytelling through video games, movies, and comics, and he also spends a lot of time being creative through drawing. Liam has never written for the paper before and finds the idea of learning how to properly interview and write stories an intriguing experience. Liam is very excited to bring information to the student body of Imagine Prep regarding news of entertainment through different mediums such as movies, video games, music, etc. A few facts about Liam McGrew is that he plays both the piano and cello and that he has lived in Arizona his whole life.

Liam McGrew, Staff Writer

Nov 16, 2020
PS5 vs Xbox series X: Why the PS5 Will Win November 2020’s Console War! (Story)
Liam McGrew