Back To School Lunches: How Are They Different?

Darion Stadelman, Staff Writer

I am interviewing my high school counselor, students in my class, and the lunch supervisors. 

I talked to Christine Hames, one of the lunch supervisors.

I asked “What do you think having lunch is like in this pandemic”?

“It’s been a little more hectic because we have had to package the food ahead of time. To me it is harder to keep the food warm so I’m worried that kids won’t get their food hot. I’m worried we won’t make it how we usually make it. I want everyone to be happy and enjoy their food,” Hames said.

My interview with my high school counselor, Amanda Mecca went like this. 

I asked “What are the new rules for lunches”? 

“Maximum of four people at the little black tables, Maximum of five people at the big blue tables,” Mecca said.

I asked “do we need to take off our masks when we eat”?

“If you are eating you don’t need a mask but, if you get up and walk around you do need one on,” Mecca said.

I also did interviews with students in my class as well.

I asked my classmates if they liked the new rules.

Some kids said, yes: the lunch is not crowded.

And others said no: they wanted things to go back to normal. 

In conclusion, the new lunch rules are good, but I do wish they were back to normal because I miss school and I hope the Covid will go away forever.