Chaos in the Halls: Tips to Good Hallway Etiquette

Kayleigh Barnes, Staff Writer

The hallways at Imagine Prep can honestly feel like New York City streets at rush-hour. It’s become relatively natural these days, but sometimes people can just be plain rude in the halls. I’ll see students standing in the middle of a busy intersection or shoving past everyone in sight. I think we can all agree that it gets annoying, so I’ve come up with some tips on how to walk properly in the halls while respecting the students around you and getting to class on time.

First and foremost, don’t mess around in the hallways. That includes running, shoving people, and standing in the middle of traffic. This can cause accidents with students and someone could potentially get hurt. If you want to have a conversation with a friend, then stand to the side away from the flow of students and have a quick conversation. Then, carefully make your way back.

Second, walk like you would drive. The hallway is a road, and your body is a car. Normally, we drive on the right side of the road, so if we walk on the right side of the hallways, it’ll be easier to get places on time and in an orderly fashion. Teachers also suggest you use this method, since it’s more organized and easier to navigate through.

Finally, please don’t walk at a snail’s pace in the halls. There are people around you trying to get by, so be respectful and either let them pass by you or walk quicker if possible. I get that sometimes movement can be slow in some of the halls, so it might not always apply, but try your best.

I hope you learn something from this short list and apply it to how you act in the halls. If you already follow these tips, then good job! You’re being a good example to those around you, and being a respectful human being. Keep these tips in mind, then maybe it’ll be easier for you to get to class next time.