Food Review: Barro’s Pizza


Kristen White, Staff Writer

In recent years, Surprise has received a number of new popular restaurants. One of them being Barro’s pizza, a popular eating destination for Surprise residents. Unlike the normal chain pizza restaurants such as Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut, Barro’s offers more than pizza. Their menu includes a selection of sandwiches, salads, wings, pasta, desserts, and of course, pizza.

Another thing that sets Barro’s apart from other pizza places is that it offers an in restaurant dining experience. The Barro’s located on Greenway road in  Surprise was given the opportunity to expand into a neighboring business, making their dining area larger.

Barro’s pizza is arguably the best pizza place in Surprise. They serve quality pizzas that taste delicious and fresh.  The service at Barro’s is always polite, even when the restaurant gets crowded and busy which happens quite often. But, with that quality comes their price. Barro’s can be quite expensive however. A small pizza costs $10, and ranch is an extra 50 cents, so the prices can add up quickly. Besides the prices, the physical restaurant provides an enjoyable dining experience with more room for tables and booths since the expansion at the Surprise location. They also play really good music there!

Overall, Barro’s provides an enjoyable and comfortable dining experience for its customers. Though it can get pricey they serve a variety of well made and delicious meals and great pizza.


Barro’s receives a ⅘ for their quality food, service, and atmosphere.