How does pop culture affect you in your day to day life


Sofia Alloza, Staff Writer

Pop culture affects society every day, but it especially affects youth. It affects in many ways. The popularity of the trends rapidly increase and new ones come out all the time which affects teenagers in a big way, I’m a teenager and I would say that it affects us in almost everything that is around us in our life, such us the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, the stuff we buy, the movies we watch and the books we read (occasionally).

Teenagers are most likely to follow a trend and buy things just because everyone else is buying it. In the end we all have similar likes and we act the same way in some situations.

Pop culture makes a big contribution to the commercials, if there is someone well known in there it is going to catch people’s attention because there is a popular person that you may have seen a bunch of times and it will make you be interested in the commercial. Basically, pop culture helps a lot since it can make a huge impact on the audience.

I would say that it affects me in what kind of music I listen to, a few years ago I didn’t like one genre, but then all the singers who make this type of music started to become popular and all my friends started to listen to those songs so I gave it a try and now I like this genre. Another example in my life would be when I bought the Shawn Mendes perfume only because it is from him, if you don’t know who he is Mendes is a famous singer from Canada. I never really used the perfume, it smells good though. Sometimes I just buy things or wear certain clothes because of famous people that I know and I like and this is how pop culture affects me.

There are events to celebrate it such as Comic-con, where a lot of people meet to share this culture. Nowadays, pop culture is very important, it impacts society and it is intimately connected with mass communication. Pop culture affects people’s lives everyday.