New Semester, New Students


Lara Hemberger is a sophomore from Germany.

Kristen White and Bet Garcia Caus

Imagine Prep has welcomed a number of new foreign exchange students during the 2018-2019 school year. More recently, as of the second semester, three more students have joined Imagine Prep.

The first is Julia Martinez. Martinez is from Pamplona, Spain, and is a Sophomore here at the Prep. Martinez has been in the USA since August of 2018, and has enjoyed her experience thus far. When asked if she misses anything about back home, Martinez explained some of the things she misses.

“I miss my friends and family, as well as Spanish culture in general,” Martinez said.

Martinez  does however have things she enjoys about Arizona,

“I enjoy the people I have met, and Imagine Prep, as well as Arizona’s weather,” Martinez said.

Julia Martinez, 10th grade

Imagine Prep welcomed two German students this year,  Amélie Moelleken, and Lara Hemberger. Moelleken is from Cologne, Germany, and is junior at the Prep, and Hemberger is from Stuttgart, Germany and is a sophomore. The two arrived in the USA in January of this year, and have enjoyed their experiences.

Both Hemberger and Moelleken miss things about their native Germany,

“I miss my family and friends, as well as the food and German culture. I also miss going to parties,” Hemberger said.

Imagine Prep is excited to welcome these new students to our school, and hope the enjoy their time in the USA.   


Amelie Moelleken, 11th grade