Fear Farm: A night you won’t forget

Are you into zombies, aliens, and monsters swinging chainsaws at you, while screaming in terror? Then Fear Farm may be the place for you. When going to Fear Farm, there are six haunted houses to explore. The Undead, the Bunker area-x (aliens), Fallout, Slaughterhouse and the Witch Farm. There is also the Haunted Hayride (but, it costs more money). Whatever house you choose, you’re in for an unforgettable night.


All the characters in the waiting area and in the houses cannot touch you, but they will try to get as close to you as possible (getting in your face, waving their chainsaw at you, sneaking behind you, yelling, grunting sounds, etc). So, this attraction is not for the faint of heart. It’s also scarier at night because it’s harder to see the characters coming at you. When you’re done being chased around by characters upon entering the park, you’ll have to choose a house to enter. The first house I went into is the Undead (which is also the longest house at the park). The monsters in this house (along with the aliens in Area-x) aren’t as scary as most in the park, because they’re just face painted and not costumes. However, they will still try to scare you as much as possible by jump-scaring and making loud noises. You also have to get through a sort-of maze at the end with strobe lights (very intense strobe lights). Although it’s the longest, it’s also – in my opinion – the least scary (which isn’t saying much, because it is still terrifying).


In Area-x, you’ll first encounter a trooper meant to guide you, but he disappears. So, you’ll track through the bunker, while being jump-scared by random aliens. You’ll also have to get down and crawl through obstacles and go across bridges to get to the end. There’s also a lot of smoke, so it’s hard to even see within a foot in front of you, making it very eerie. Again, the aliens in this house are face painted, so it wouldn’t be as scary as the other houses, except that it’s hard to see.


The next house, Fallout, you have to go through a maze of ship cargo, all the way through until you get to a slaughter room (with lots of strobe lights) and exit your way out. In the beginning, you’ll be greeted by an old man tending a desk, then you’ll start your way through the bloody ship cargo. This house is very similar to the Slaughterhouse, where you’ll be chased by monsters wielding chainsaws. The only difference is, in Fallout, there are lots of stairs and smoke, making it hard to see and get around; and they both end differently.


Finally, the Witch Farm. This house was – in my opinion – the scariest out of all the houses. You’ll be chased by devil worshipers, witches, and an assortment of monsters jumping at you around every corner. You start out by going through the house in the beginning, where there are some screaming people telling you to go back. After that, you’ll enter the backyard, then you have to go through a graveyard, where devil worshipers will chase you down. After that, you go through a mini corn maze and some barns. Most of the time, it’s so dark that you can’t even see most of the monsters in front of you, they even come crawling out of nowhere. At the end you’ll encounter the witch, but she’s honestly the least scary part about this house.


Every house did their job: they all scared me to death. I was either mortified and couldn’t speak most of the time, or I screamed super loud and wanted to get through the house as fast as possible. I recommend going at night (which makes everything much scarier) and to bring friends (especially someone to hold on to). I can’t say anything for the hayride, since it was closed when I was there, but everything else I believe is worth paying for, ($30 per ticket), if you have a group to go with.